Current Opportunities

social area on the 12th floorsocial area on the 12th floor Recruiting the world's best researchers is critical to the Centre's success. We are only as good as the people who work here.

Faculty members have come from leading universities from across the world because of the building’s open, fluid environment, which encourages new ways of approaching biological problems by stimulating unconventional interactions among disciplines.




Donnelly Sequencing Centre is looking for a sequencing specialist (casual contract). See job description at the link below:

Professor Sachdev Sidhu's lab is looking for two postdoctoral fellows in ubiquitin-proteasome system biology and recombinant antibody engineering. See links below for each position:


  • The Sidhu lab is also looking for a lab technician for high-throughput antibody engineering. See here for details.


For other postdoctoral positions, please enquire directly with principal investigators.



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