Inspiring the Next Generation of Researchers

In 2016, Donnely Centre hosted visits from more than 100 students from Toronto highschools. During these visits, the students had a chance to speak with our researchers and learn about their work, as well as get a hands-on experience with basic methods in molecular biology. We showed them genetically modified yeast, worms and fish that our scientists use to understand how biology works. They also saw some of the latest instruments that are the cornerstone of genomics research, such as DNA sequencing machines and robots that handle thousands of experiments each day for large scale studies in genetics. None of this would have been possible without our fantastic graduate students and postdocs who take the time away from their research to help as outreach demonstrators!

Also, thanks to Dr. Christine Misquitta, Donnelly Centre again took part in Bring Our Children to Work Day, an annual U of T event, and Science Rendezvous, the largest celebration of science in the country.


Kids extracting their own DNA from cheek cells during Bring our kids to work day (april 2016)


Science Rendezvous on St. george street (May 2016)


science rendezvous on st. george street

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